Our home cooking

Who We Are

Ourhomecook is an online community that connects food lovers to cooks and chefs.  Users can browse great menus, explore unique cooks, hire professional chefs and even learn how to cook from culinary experts. Ourhomecook allows you to discover the diverse food talent your community has to offer!

We provide a unique dining experience for people who do not have time to cook. Save time by avoiding shopping, preparing and cleaning and use your time to do the things you love. Hire a cook to prepare you a meal today.

Cooks become food entrepreneurs by creating their own menus, hosting their own events and earning some extra income.  They create an exciting and cost effective alternative to restaurant dining. Explore your community or travel to new cities and share various foods and cultures by bringing the world together using Ourhomecook.

Ourhomecook aims to provide a home cooked meal to everyone in the community by donating part of each successful event to local food banks. We believe everyone should have the right to great food. Our vision is to bring to bring the community closer one meal at a time. Enjoy great company, try delicious food and help feed the community by joining Ourhomecook today.